1. What I do, I do because I believe
I made my choice to be part of Cometal because I trust the company and I trust the industry – that through them I can reach my dream

2. What I do, I take pride in it
The outcomes of my actions are the reflection of who I am; therefore, I will not let myself into disintegrity by not conscientiously taking my actions

3.What I do, I commit to give my 100% effort
Not only I will finish what I have started, I will also be at my best I can in completing my task.

4. In what I do, I seek for self improvement
Given tasks are my opportunity to learn; the more opportunities I have the better I will be.
“When good is not enough, better is always possible”

5. In what I do, I am part of the team and I know my leader
I succeed through teamwork, but I value individual contributions. There is always a leader in the team and sometimes that leader is me!

6. I am NOT working here
It is not work when I enjoy what I do. I value add the things I do and most of all, I add value to myself.

7. I am NOT here to earn my living
I am here to make my life meaningful, and the reward I deserve to take is to keep me moving so that I can contribute more to my family, my society and to myself.

8. I am NOT a robot
I think and act with my heart as human being, I relate to each others through feelings and for that matter, I fully respect and follow rules humanely.

Jobs Opening

We are currently excited on our expansion period and so we welcome Sheet Metal workers with solid experience who are willing to help us grow even more.

If you are skilled with one of these areas, Cometal would like to hear from you.

Simply click on the employment category at the bottom of this page and fill in the submission form along with your professional information.